Loan without income 2019: online, mortgage, changed, with guarantor and without document

The issue of providing a personal loan to people without income presupposes an initial distinction. It is necessary to distinguish the different cases for which an applicant is defined as “without income”. On the one hand there are students, housewives, unemployed, unemployed and on the other those who have a source of income that can not be demonstrated because workers in black or without a fixed documentation. In both cases, there is a common factor, the absence of the paycheck demonstrating the possibility of repaying the loan. Yet, in many cases, for the categories of people presented it is urgent to obtain a sum of money on loan to pay for a sudden expense, to proceed with renovations or to change the car. Banks do not abandon potential customers who have no income, but propose different solutions that provide different guarantees than a paycheck. We talk about mortgage financing, changed, with guarantor and without presenting the document that certifies an income. We will deepen each of these solutions and find out if the request can be forwarded online.

Loan without income: how to move in 2019

The first case we will face is the total absence of income due to the fact that the applicants are students, housewives or unemployed. Many university students are forced, during the course of study, to ask a sum to the lenders to support taxes, purchase of books or stay in a different city from the one of origin. There are several banks that include among their range of products solutions designed specifically for students without income that are often referred to as “student trust loans”, “ad hoc loan” or “honor loan”. They would seem like ideal products for university students, but going deeper we find that most of the financial and banking institutions do not provide money simply because they have student status. The guarantees are necessary and what better guarantee of the parents’ signature? The loan, therefore, proves without request for income for the interested party but with the presence of an income guarantee by guarantors.

Where, instead, there is the provision of money to students without income without the request for special guarantees, there are conditions to be met. Take, for example, the Unicredit Student Loan for Students . It is a solution that can be activated only if the applicant attends specific universities, training schools and colleges that provide for collaboration with Unicredit. The COREP Piemontese Universities, ER.GO Regional Society for the Right to Higher Studies, Johns Hopkins University, MIB School of Management Trieste, MIP Polytechnic of Milan, University of Bologna, Bocconi University of Milan or Luiss in Rome. Other banks to turn to are Banca Mediolanum (M4U Academy), Banca Intesa SanPaolo (Per Te Prestito con Lode) or Er.Go Emilia Romagna.

Then there is a Fund for Studies (Fund for credit to young people) with a solution called Diamogli un Futuro , excellent for students who want a loan to enroll at university and continue their studies. Also in this case, there are some limitations such as obtaining a diploma higher than 75/100 or a mark higher than 100/110 for the three-year degree if one wishes to enroll for the master’s degree.

Now let’s move on to loans for housewives who can not make an income. Online you can find different solutions, some valid, others less. Usually the amount that the credit institutions allow to provide does not exceed € 3,000.00 and the applicant will have to have a solid credit situation behind him, without complaints and punctual payments. As in the case of students, most banks will require guarantees to support the request. A guarantor who financially protects the housewife is a first solution as well as a lease, a real estate property or any fixed income on the current account. The same goes for unemployed and unemployed people without income. The only way to obtain the necessary liquidity is to present additional, solid guarantees that reduce the risk of insolvency.

Loan without online income with guarantor

Loan without online income with guarantor

If you do not have an income to show when you intend to apply for a loan, you must start thinking about the person who could act as guarantor . We are talking about a figure that plays an important and decisive role and that has to satisfy certain requirements to fulfill the requested task. The responsibility to be assumed by the guarantor is of considerable importance given that, in the event of insolvency in the payment of installments by the debit holder, he must proceed with the payment of the missed monthly payments.

Precarious workers, housewives, unemployed or students without income, people belonging to the list of bad creditors, there are many categories of people who need a guarantor to obtain a loan. The first requirement that this figure must show to possess is linked to income. Unlike the applicant, the guarantor will have to show that he has enough income to make up for the lack of payment of the loan installments. It will therefore have to be an employee with a paycheck and a fixed-term contract. Alternatively, it may be a self-employed person who can show an income document or pensioner with a satisfactory pension slip. In addition to the income requirement, credit institutions will check that the guarantor has not been reported to the CRIF and that it is not a bad payer. Finally, in most cases the banks will not grant to be guarantor to people who have other loans in progress.

Having to apply for a loan together with the figure of a guarantor does not necessarily mean abandoning the idea of submitting the request for the provision of the desired liquidity electronically. In fact, in recent times, users can request online loans even if they need a third figure to act as guarantor. Just send all the documentation concerning the guarantor to guarantee your application. In the event that the previously mentioned requirements are met, the reference bank or financial institution will have no problems granting the financing by completing the online procedure.

Postponed loan without income 2019

Postponed loan without income 2019

An additional solution that may choose users without income to support the loan application is that of bills of exchange. In fact, the loans that have been changed require the issue of bills that act as installments of the repayment provided for by the amortization plan. The debtor must honor the signed bills because otherwise the bank can proceed with the request for the issuance of an immediate legal act that involves the return of the sum loaned. One consequence of the non-payment of bills of exchange could be, for example, the seizure of the debtor’s assets.

The characteristics of the loan being changed are fixed installments for the duration of the loan, a maximum duration of 60 months, fast delivery times and the absence of guarantors or sureties (except where the applicant has no paycheck or a document that confirm the income). Loans with bills of exchange are not in high demand, since the figure of a guarantor is necessary in case the application is sent by those who have no income. Instead, they represent an ideal solution for those who are bad payers, protesters or those who have reported to the CRIF.

In the case of changed loans, the request can not be forwarded online. The applicant must arrange an appointment with a consultant in the branch of the bank chosen to obtain an accurate estimate and in line with their personal situation. Together with the consultant you can, in fact, find the most suitable solution for your needs and build tailor-made bills that you can pay without problems every month.

Mortgage loan without income 2019

Mortgage loan without income 2019

Loans with guarantor, changed, can be requested online or in branches, the possibilities to choose from for those without income but need funding are not lacking. Let’s add a further solution that could be made to the case of those without an income document, the mortgage loan . Different from other types of financing, the mortgage loan provides for the signing of a mortgage as a guarantee of repayment of the amount of money paid out. Any good of value could be mortgaged but, usually, it is a property or the house of property to be chosen as a mortgage. Few opt for jewelry, antiques or works of art.

The amount that the applicant can get by choosing the mortgage loan could also be very high. Everything depends on the value of the asset shown as collateral. The duration of the loan will depend on the amount paid and the value of the mortgaged property but, in general, it is longer than a normal loan. Getting this type of loan without a document that shows the income is not easy. Because of the numbers provided, most credit institutions will require a paycheck next to the applicant’s personal documentation. but in the case of a mortgage on a property with a high value attested and certified by the bank itself, it could be possible to obtain the disbursement of money even without an income document.

The timing of the provision of liquidity, however, greatly exceeds the timing of the disbursement of other types of loans. Everything will depend on the time of evaluation of the asset that the applicant will propose as a mortgage.


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