Fast online loans up to € 1000!

Creditstar is one of the most complete mini – credit companies in the market, with first class service and very interesting mini – loan conditions. So … Let’s see an in-depth analysis about this company!

Who is behind this entity? Is Creditstar legit?

CreditStar is a company that is part of the CreditStar Group , which is an international financial institution that offers this type of consumer loans in a large number of countries across Europe.

In other words, it not only has to comply with the requirements of Spain, but also with all the requirements of the different countries in which it operates and, of course, with those established by the European Union for all countries.

On that side, you can be totally calm, because the regulations to which Creditstar is subject make the risk of fraud or fraud non-existent.

In addition, it is a company that has been operating since 2006 , so you not only have the security that the different regulatory agencies supervise your operation, but there are a good number of customers who have already tried the service and can give Your opinion (and, generally, as you can see, is a very positive opinion).

The Creditstar Mini Loan

We have already seen that we can trust this company, so it is time to look at the general characteristics of the loan they offer us. You will see how they look great!

  • Up to € 300 if you are a new client: In the event that this is the first time you request a loan with Creditstar, you will have a maximum amount of up to € 300 to choose from. This is the usual figure for new customers within the companies in the sector. This first loan must be repaid in a maximum of 30 days.
  • If you are an old client, from € 50 to € 1000: If, on the other hand, you are already a client of the company, you will be able to access the not inconsiderable € 1000 figure. In this case, this maximum amount for former customers, is somewhat above the industry average.
  • TAE, in line with the market: As you already know, we are talking about microcredits, which means that the interest payable is not low. Or at least, higher than those of a current loan. The Creditstar TAE is in line with what you will find in other companies.
  • Term of up to 3 months: This feature is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting Creditstar loans. They offer us the possibility of paying our credit within a period of up to three months. You will not find this in almost any other company in the sector.
  • Possibility of up to 3 installments: On the other hand, and of much or more interest, they offer us the option to distribute our payment in a maximum of 3 installments. This can interest you a lot, you will get the money you need and you will not have great burdens to return it.
  • Possibility of extension: As you can see Creditstar seeks to make things easy for you. In line with this, they offer you a possibility of extension of up to 30 days in case you can not pay on time. Of course, this will have a small recharge.
  • Process in 10 minutes: Another feature of Creditstar’s credit is that it is fast. Very fast. You will not suffer long delays. You will not have to wait for hours. In just a few minutes you can have the money entered into your account. Ready to use.

Requirements to request it and other conditions

As is often the case, to apply for the mini-credit, it is essential that you meet certain requirements. The requirements of this company are the following:

  • Be over 18 years old: As you can imagine, in order to apply for Creditstar credit, it is necessary that you be of legal age. It is even worth mentioning that many companies have this even more restrictive requirement, reaching minimum 20 or 25 years.
  • Have ID: Logically, it is necessary to identify yourself, so you must have a National Identity Document (DNI) or, if applicable, a Foreigner Identification Number (NIE).
  • Have an email address: It will also be necessary to provide an email address. This is not a trifle. It will be through this way where you are required documents or you make some notifications. It is a simple requirement to comply.
  • Have a phone number: Another simple requirement to meet while important is that you have a phone number. You will be asked in the application to be able to contact you to notify you if your credit has been approved or not.
  • Have a bank account in your name: As this is going to request a microcredit, you have to have a place to send it to you. Therefore, it is necessary that you contribute the number of a bank account to your name so that they make your corresponding income.
  • You must have some income: Although it is not necessary that payroll contributions, you must show that you have income that will allow you to pay what you owe. Normally with a bank statement is enough. This measure speaks of the responsibility of the company with respect to the service it offers.
  • Not be enrolled in ASNEF or similar: This is one of the requirements that more times you will find when it comes to microcredit. Most companies, including Creditstar, do not accept customers that are listed as ASNEF or similar.

Procedure to obtain your mini-credit

Having seen the requirements to obtain the mini loan, let’s see what is the procedure for obtaining it. You will see that it is a very simple procedure:

  1. Application : The first step is very simple, you will only have to choose the amount and the term that suits you best. Yes, within the limits you have allowed depending on whether you are a new customer or an old one.
  2. We enter our personal data : First, you will have to enter some personal information. This does not differ much from the information you provide each time you perform a registration process to access any service. Also, as is logical, you will have to send some information. Quite simple: normally, you will have to send a DNI, a bank statement that proves your ability to return the borrowed amount …
  3. Identification : The Creditstar team will proceed to identify you. Do not worry, it’s a process that does not last too long. Usually, we talk about a pretty fast service. In this case, the resolution speed also depends on how long it takes you to complete the process.
  4. Confirmation and transfer : In case you have fulfilled the required requirements, Creditstar will accept your request. Normally, they will send you a message that confirms the green light to what you have requested.

In a few minutes you will have the money in your account. It is true that on certain occasions the process takes a little longer. This is due, usually, to the fact that the bank that the client uses delays the transfer,

It should be added that it is very important that you read the terms and conditions of the product before making the request, as always.

Customer reviews of their microloans

Customer reviews of their microloans

The opinions on CreditStar are very positive , especially with regard to the amount of money that can be obtained and the repayment terms, which are somewhat higher than in other similar financial entities, as you have seen.

Thus, the opinions of users focus on how important it is to be able to access up to € 1000 (while other entities only offer up to € 500 normally) and how comfortable it is to be able to return it in 3 months (two months longer than usual).

Of course, it is also highly valued that everything can be done online with the greatest comfort, although this is something that happens in the vast majority of financial institutions dedicated to microcredit.

However, there are also some negative points. For example, many clients criticize the fact that they do not offer loans with ASNEF, as well as certain higher requirements than in other entities (regular and demonstrable income, basically).

But, beyond these small details, the truth is that CreditStar receives very good reviews. And it’s normal, because their service is really excellent in every way .

Finally, as always when we talk about mini-credits, we have to alert you to the interests they imply. It is not that it is a negative opinion about Creditstar in particular, because all the microloans have these high interests, but that does not mean that you should not be careful.

Other mini-credit companies that may interest you …

Other mini-credit companies that may interest you ...

Now, to finish, we’re going to point out some mini-credits that may interest you.

As you can see, Creditstar is one of the best companies in the field of mini-loans . And, although there are many other companies that compete with it, there are few that can offer similar financing conditions. We hope this information has been useful!



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