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Are you looking for information on the best microcredits there Dispon currently ibles? In that case, you have to know Cashier Credit , because it is one of the best small financing companies in the market.

Who is behind this entity? Is it legit Credit Cashier?

Without a doubt it is. Crédito Cajero belongs to the Friendly Finance group, and already has a strong presence throughout Europe, especially in the Nordic countries and in Central Europe. In addition, they are members of the Spanish Association of Minipréstamos Companies (AEMIP), with what that implies of confidence and security for the clients.

Both the experience and their belonging to an organization of this type speak well that one of the strengths of this company is reliability . When we talk about money loans, it is clear that this is one of the most important points that can be considered.

Transparency is another of the most important points . They show all the information from the beginning, without hidden expenses that come out at the end. That clarity is key so that the client can trust them as an entity that lends them money, so it is certainly a good idea to maintain this transparency.

They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For an entity in which speed is one of the most important factors, the fact that the customer can contact them when they need it is a good way to meet their needs.

And is that speed is one of the maxims of this entity. Therefore, many of their processes are automated so that the time that passes from when you have decided to request a mini credit until you have the money in your account is as small as possible.

The Credit Cashier Mini Loan

Now that we have seen that we can trust this entity, we can go on to see what are the characteristics of its microloan. I’m sure you love them!

  • Minimum amount: € 50: This entity, like most, puts a minimum below which you can not borrow. The truth is that for smaller quantities you do not even want to order one, so that’s a way to make sure you do not use these credits for anything.
  • Maximum amount: € 900: In the event that you are a new customer that amount drops to € 300. But if you have already returned other credits and have shown that you meet the deadlines and that you do not leave unpaid, that amount will increase until you reach € 900. It is a very high amount, considering that we are talking about microcredits.
  • The amount ordered must be a multiple of 5. You make the amount you want to ask for. So much so, that you can ask for any amount as long as it is a multiple of 5. This is something important to not receive more money than you need, since you will have to pay less.
  • Maximum return period: 31 days . The maximum term in which you will have to return to the entity the money you lent is 31 days. Bearing in mind that you can ask for amounts of several hundred euros, it is important that you make sure that you will be able to return it within that period of time.
  • Minimum return period: 5 days . If 5 days after obtaining the loan you have already collected the money you need to return it and you want to do it, there is no problem. You can make the payment on that date and make everything finalized and closed and you do not have to think about it anymore.
  • It is possible to request an extension: This entity offers its customers something that not all do, since it allows them to request an extension of the period of 31 days in case they have any difficulty to return the money. It involves expenses, but they are compensated by the great simplicity with which it is done: from your phone or computer you can access your personal area and activate this option, without having to talk to anyone.

Requirements to request it and other conditions

As is common in this type of companies, to apply for the mini-credit, you must meet some requirements. The requirements that you must fulfill are the following:

  • Minimum age: 18 years: Cashier Credit is quite flexible in this regard. Although many other entities establish very high minimum ages, in their case only with being of legal age you can already access the mini-credits they offer. An advantage for the youngest.
  • Maximum age: No. They also do not cap the age required for credit. Any person of legal age can request extra money for what they consider appropriate.
  • Being of Spanish nationality or having a residence permit in Spain: This point is very important, since it is an eliminatory criterion. People who do not meet one of these two requirements will not be able to apply for the loan and, therefore, obtain the money they need.
  • Have a regular source of income: In this sense, Cashier Credit is quite flexible. You just have to show that you have any type of stable income that allows you to repay the loan requested. An unemployment benefit, a payroll, a benefit, the rent of a house … any income like this can help you to fulfill this requirement.
  • No endorsement is necessary: People who do not have anything to guarantee the money they ask for, or simply do not want to do so, will not have any problem with Cashier Credit for it. This entity will be fixed in another type of criterion, such as stable income.
  • It is possible to request it even if you are in the ASNEF: People who are in default lists are not, a priori, discarded by this entity. Whether or not your application is admitted will depend on the amount of what you owe, the type of debt and your income.
  • TAE percentage expressed in each operation: When requesting your credit, you will clearly see the APR that this operation will entail. This goes in coherence with the transparency of which this company shows.

Procedure to obtain your mini-credit

Procedure to obtain your mini-credit

Now that you know the requirements to get this microloan, let’s see what is the procedure for obtaining it. As you can see, it is a very simple process:

  • Online application: You only have to fill out a web form where you will be asked for your personal information and some basic document, such as a copy of your ID. A very simple procedure in which you will not have to worry about documentation that you do not have at hand.
  • Use Instantor: If you want everything to be even easier, in this way they take care of everything, checking everything they need without you having to do anything.

In both cases, you will have in a few minutes the resolution on whether your application has been accepted or denied and, if your bank and the Cashier Credit are the same, the money will be in your account in 10 minutes. It is difficult to find a greater speed.

Customer reviews of their microloans

Customer reviews of their microloans

The Cashier Credit ratings are quite positive. Users speak well of how comfortable it is to request one of their mini-credits , since you can do it from the sofa at home, without spending much time on it and without having to provide almost any documentation.

Another point that is well talked about is transparency . The fact that when you request the loan you have everything clear and that you can see with exact figures what you get and what you have to pay gives a lot of confidence and it is necessary so that whoever asks for a credit can make numbers and see if it compensates.

There are other assessments that put the focus on having obtained these microcredits without having a payroll. Many people find it surprising that payroll is not necessary , since they are accustomed to the strong requirements placed by banks to access a loan.

Regarding their criticisms, the main ones refer to the fact that the maximum return period is short . The truth is that most entities have a term like this for this type of credit. Therefore, the most important thing is to assess whether you can return or not before ordering.

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